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Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy


Treatment for Children and Adolescents

For children with behavioral or developmental issues, specific therapy techniques are available. For younger children, play therapy is a great way to identify problems and work with children to solve them. Parents are coached on how best to promote and facilitate their child’s ongoing progress. For certain problems I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT for Kids.

Therapy offers a non-judgmental atmosphere for adolescents to discuss and work through personal and family issues. Assessment and testing is available to identify or rule out depression, drug abuse, or eating disorders.

When a teenager is having difficulty with one or both parents, it is helpful for him or her to have an objective third party with whom to talk. It can be invaluable for the teenager to have a confidential setting to help sort through the variety of issues and emotions that they can encounter without bias towards one parent or the other. This situation is common in separated or divorced families, but also occurs among intact families.

Improving a teen’s relationship with their family members also often involves helping both the parents and the teen understand how conflicts can be resolved through improved communication. If there is one element in a child’s life that improves their chances for success in school and life, it is strong family bonds with positive, constructive communication. It is important that parents not feel defensive if the therapist focuses on changes in how they communicate with their teenagers. The need for such a change is not an indictment of the parents’ abilities, it is simply a part of the therapeutic process that will help them better work with their adolescent and find solutions to behavioral issues.

The goal of therapy with adolescents is to help both the teenager and the parents understand why the teen acts out with rebellious, willful behavior and how they can learn to express their needs and wants in a more productive way. When parents allow the process of re-forging the lines of communication, they dramatically improve their relationship with their teenager and create an environment where positive behavioral change is possible.

Therapy can help alleviate the suffering of your child/teen, provide support to your family, and facilitate growth and development. Therapy can help your child to:

Play Therapy Room

Play Therapy Room

  • understand what is bothering him/her
  • express his/her feelings in a safe, non-judgmental setting
  • build self-confidence and assertiveness
  • reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • improve socialization skills
  • recognize and utilize strengths
  • develop new meaning of his/her world and experiences
  • negotiate difficult relationships with authority figures

Parents can often notice progress that is being made in the child’s daily life that
will help guide therapy.


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School Liaison

I am available to consult with school administrators, social workers, teachers, guidance counselors, and other professionals, if necessary, on behalf of my patients.

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