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Singles, Relationship Counseling & Individual Psychotherapy

Singles, Relationship Counseling & Individual Psychotherapy

Finding the Love You Want


Finding the Love You Want

I offer Relationship Counseling for single individuals who are interested in uncovering the blocks that have been keeping them from finding love and partnership.
I also offer individual counseling & therapy for anyone who is wrestling with relationship issues and wants support sorting through the confusion they’re feeling, as well as anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, or confusion navigating life and all of its complex relationships.


Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, participants are taught effective methods of working with anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, and other issues in a supportive and structured environment. Individual therapy also offers an opportunity to develop skills for transforming key personal or professional relationships. No matter which problems are brought into therapy, participants can leave with a strong sense of personal growth and accomplishment. Most importantly, participants are taught skills to empower them to make positive behavioral and attitude changes that result in an improved quality of life.

Some of the issues people come to see me about include:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Feeling stuck in patterns of behavior that do not work
  • Dating the wrong person
  • A desire to improve your current relationship
  • Not knowing how to find love or have a successful relationship
  • Sadness over past events and relationships
  • A difficult family background that did not prepare you to have a successful relationship
  • Insecurity or anxiety about self-worth
  • A desire to find the right partner

Some of the Outcomes and Benefits my clients report are:

  • Making better choices in a mate
  • Getting unstuck and changing old behavior patterns
  • Feelings of happiness and hope
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Dating better–learning how to navigate the dating process
  • Achieving a successful, committed relationship

Individuals can also come in for psychological testing. Such testing is an evaluation and assessment tool used to recommend more specific kinds of treatment.
I invite you to call me at 314-644-3339 for a free 15 minute phone call to explore any further questions you have and/or to set up an appointment.

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Testimonial :
Dear Peggy,
As I was browsing in the card shop, I saw this card,  There are no endings…only beginnings. and it made me think of you and our work together. I am so thankful for having met you and being able to gain insight about myself and everyone else in this house. You have certainly made life easier for me. I appreciate all the time you have given me. Thank you—I think you are a wonderful person. ~Sincerely, Ruth

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